Paradox Dual VCO Eurorack module

Paradox Dual VCO

Paradox is a pair of triangle core VCOs. They can be operated independently. Or, through a diverse set of modulation capabilities, work together to create a wealth of analog FM sounds.

Eurorack format details


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Out of stock. On hiatus over the spring to work on house project sprint. Back August 2024.

Interesting Details

Self Modulation

Self Modulation is a technique borrowed from the Bermuda VCO. It sends a portion of the top oscillator's output back into its own core. On its own this results in pleasant timbre shaping and light de-tuning. When used with other modulation parameters, self mod is an endless source for sweetspots and non-traditional waveshaping.

Super Sync

The top VCO can be synced to the bottom VCO or an external source. This is implemented in a haphazard way with no regard for holding waveshape. Think of the the sync as a unique modulation parameter. It creates new waveshapes, gates the core on and off, creates filter sweep effects, and more.

Destructive Spirals

The name Paradox is derived from its complex backend of intermodulation and ambiguity. One VCO modulates the other, which modulates the first, which modules the other... These loops can become so intense that the module can be used as a voltage controlled noisebox as well as a traditional VCO.