ISD Sampler is an audio sampling module based around an obsolete answering machine IC. It offers mid to lofi digital sampling with CV’able tape-recorder style controls. Samples play in a loop by default, but one-shot style playback is easily achieved by patching EOM (end of message) into Stop.

Because the main sampling IC was intended for voicemail machines it has internal bandpass filtering around human vocal frequencies and an automatic gain control. This makes vocal sampling ideal, and gives a characteristic lofi quality to other sample sources.

The sample input is designed to record line/pro level audio signals directly without clipping. The module internally amplifies these signals to a Euro standard 10Vpp. To record Euro patches directly without excess distortion, the input amplitude should be trimmed externally. Patching synth signals directly to the sample input without attenuation will not result in an output greater than 10Vpp, but it will distort the sample greatly (and to great effect).


User Manual


Voice sampled from podcast on cellphone:


Euro patch sampled directly. Source sound mixed back in near the middle of soundclip:



  • 10hp Eurorack
  • max sample length at highest quality about 9 seconds
  • sample stored after power down
  • logic inputs are comparator type, >2V equals activated
  • Red LED flashes with EOM trigger, and stays lit when recording
  • input/thru is simple unbuffered mult
  • CV in with 5V range, not 1v/oct
  • 22mA @ +12V
  • 8mA @ -12V



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