VCF 2164

VCF 2164

All analog state variable filter with lots of versatility and juice. High, band, and lowpass simultaneous outputs. With toggle switch left, resonance is uncompensated and when cranked will get loud to the point of overdrive and clipping. With toggle switch right, theĀ amplitude of the resonance is limited.

There are three CV inputs that control the cutoff frequency and one that controls resonance. CV1 and REZ are adjusted such that a 5 volt signal (likewise +/-2.5 volts or -5 volts) will give a full sweep of the parameter. CV inputs 2 and 3 have a very rough 1V/oct response.

With modest resonance, a trigger/gate/hard-edge-waveform at the input will excite the filter into bursts of self oscillation, and awesome bongo/tom/kick drum sounds ensue.



  • Eurorack 8hp
  • reverse voltage protected
  • 25mA @ +12V
  • 25mA @ -12V
  • AC coupled input
  • depth: 22mm

Saw wave into filter. Low pass output:


Bandpass output:


Highpass output. LFO into into resonance input:


Example of “pinging” the LP output with gate at input.




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