Voltage Sequencer

9 step voltage sequencer with hold and reset functions. Patch-able gate outputs.  Loops at 9 steps if no information is given to the RST or HLD inputs. Two bipolar CV output (+/- 2 volts). The trim pot on the back centers the CVout. With the knobs turned to noon, adjust the trim until the voltage from CVout to ground reads 0. Or just set it to the middle and you’ll be pretty close already. Alternatively, you may want to adjust the trim so that CVout is mostly positive. In that manner the CVout can be adjust to roughly -0.5 to +3.5 volts.

The trim pot on the back centers the CV out. Ideally you’d adjust this until the potential between CV out and ground is 0 volts, when the knob of the selected step is at noon. It’s pretty uncritical though and just setting it in the middle is close enough.

DIY note: if you would prefer the CV out to be 0 – 5V, just leave off the trimpot.





  • eurorack 22hp
  • skiff friendly
  • low current draw
  • reverse voltage protected


  • CLK – clock input (for square wave LFO, dedicated clock module, etc)
  • HLD – a positive voltage here will cause the clock input to be ignored, therefore holding on the current step
  • RST – a positive voltage here will return the sequencer to step one ( clock will not start counting again until RST voltage is low again)
  • CV out – voltage output corresponding to knob position (+/- 2 volts, noon is 0 volts)
  • HLD@ – same as HLD (note: if a cable is patched form 5 to HLD@, the sequence will be 5 steps long and stop at step 5)
  • RST@ – same as RST (note: if a cable is patched from 5 to RST@, the sequence will be 4 steps long and loop)
  • outputs 2-9 – any given ouput will be high (+5 volts) for as long as the corresponding step is active

IMG_1231 IMG_1229