Utility VCO

For the price, there’s no beating this VCO. Great tracking over a minimum of 5 octaves, very low temperature related pitch drift, rugged build quality, a frequency range that goes from sub to super sonic, and most importantly, a phat analog sound. In addition to the standard features there is a folded or “freaked” triangle out.


  • Eurorack 8hp
  • 33mA @ +12V
  • 30mA @ -12V
  • depth 38mm


  • 1V – standard 1v/oct input
  • CV (exponential) – DC coupled
  • RST (hard reset) – Add another oscillator output of similar frequecy here to track them together, or use a wildly different frequency for new timbres and sideband frequencies
  • PW – changes the pulse width of the square wave




img_0864 img_0867 img_0865 img_0866