Initial troubleshooting Steps

  • If anything gets noticeably warm, turn the power off immediately.
  • Look for any obvious errors like missing parts or solder bridges.
  • Double check the orientation of all ICs, diodes, LEDs and other polarized components.
  • Look for any bad solder joints and reflow the solder. Reapply additional flux as needed.
  • Check out the schematic and troubleshoot further by yourself if you can.

Still no good?

Take a break! Sleep the night and forget about it for a second. Then, send an email to djilahs[at] Please include in your email the following:

  • Description of the issue
  • A photo or two of the build

Need Replacement Parts for Kit?

A detailed BOM is provided on the kit product pages. You will find part numbers or links to the part you are looking for. Almost all parts can be found cheaply at Mouser and/or Tayda.