VCD+ 2


Primarily a voltage controlled bass drum. Really it’s a VCO, VCA, and EG all in one. As a bass drum it will have the house pumping. Also does fart noises and high pitched stuff. Put a LFO into the CV and get some psychedelic thumps going on – or whatever.

The voice/oscillator is a sine-enough-for-rocknroll shape, and turning the HARMONICS knob gradually morphs the sine into a square wave. The CV input is 1V/oct with OK tracking; this thing doubles as a sine/square VCO.

The attack/decay envelope has a dedicated output and is great to chain into a VCF (or maybe a VCA controlling white noise).

SLOPE AMOUNT controls the amount of EG that goes to the VCO pitch. To get that thumping 909ish type drum sound the initial “hit” has a higher frequency than the end decay. The slope amount controls how much higher in pitch the “hit” is. This ranges from no slope, to subtle slope, to laser sounds.

The input is activated by pretty much any hard edged waveform over 2 volts – gate, trigger, square LFO, etc.


Raw drum output. Very brief general knob tweaking. Headphones recommended:


VCD+, RPG, and 2xVCA demo:



  • eurorack 10hp
  • depth 21mm
  • reverse voltage protected
  • 20mA @ +12V
  • 20mA@-12V



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