Slopes is a logarithmic ADSR envelope generator with an integrated high quality VCA. The envelope is capable of quick snappy action, as well as longer ambient swells. Attack, decay, release, and VCA level can be manipulated with control voltages. The VCA is suited to pass audio or CV signals. Dedicated positive and negative envelope outputs are provided. The positive envelope is hardwired to the VCA, but if the envelope isn’t being used, the VCA can be used totally independently.  Fully analog design.

Mino > Lola > Slopes. Exploring “snappy” sounds.


ISD Sampler > Dub Delay > Slopes. One long swell. Attack and decay set to maximum. Sustain and release minimized. Attack ends at about 00:14.



  • Eurorack 12hp
  • current draw 37mA @ +12V
  • current draw 37mA @ -12V
  • Rack depth <30mm
  • CV input range 0-5V
  • Envelope output 0-8V (inverted 0 to -8V)
  • Minimum voltage needed to activate GATE 2.5V
  • Max attack time 10+ seconds
  • Max decay and release times 20+ seconds
  • TRIG is switch-jack connected to GATE
  • Use TRIG for retriggering, or with a keyboard controller that has both gate and trigger outputs




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