The RPG is a discrete logic random pattern generator. It produces sequences of gates that repeat every eight steps. Its purpose is creating interesting rhythms in a fast and intuitive manner.

“Random” information gets parallel loaded into a shift bit register by numerous supersonic oscillators running at different speeds. Either a 0 or 1 (in this case, 0V or 5V) is stored and then clocked along in a loop. Patterns can be changed by hand with the refresh button, or by voltage at the refresh CV input.

The gate sequences are exposed at four different points in their cycle, and made available as outputs. At any given time, there is simultaneous access to points 3, 4,  7, and 8 of the loop. It’s the same loop, but at different points in time, so to speak.

Connecting with or controlling other clock modules is easy. The RPG is normalled to run off its own internal clock, but this can be broken and the RPG will sync with any clock source at the “rate” input. The internal clock has a dedicated output that can be used regardless of whether an external clock is being used.


RPG, VCD+, and 2xVCA only


The RPG is clocking three different aspects of this simple ditty. Refresh is never pressed. (1) It adds some groove to the sequencer/vco. (2) It turns a VCA on and off with some filtered noise going through it. (3) It triggers the bass drum (VCD+). I’m mixing two RPG outputs with attenuverters in order to get different drum patterns (using Swisso).



  • 10hp
  • discrete logic, low current draw
  • 15mA @ +12V only
  • all outputs 0-5V gates
  • inputs accept anything over 2V as HIGH, negative voltages ignored


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