The latest batch of Mino panels are a bit sloppy. They have minor cosmetic scratches and blemishes of varying degrees. So, in part because of the panels, and in part just because, the price has been discounted. Oh the joy!

Mino is a minimalist analog master VCO with exceptional ear feelz. It has excellent 1v/oct tracking and very low temperature related pitch drift (experimental data here). The “CV” input is responsible for exponential pitch modulation. When “CV amt” is rotated fully clockwise, this input is an extra 1v/oct input. The AC coupled “FM” input is responsible for classic linear pitch modulation.

The “SYNC” input is a somewhat lofi hard sync input. Use it to force the oscillator to track along with another oscillator (and avoid unwanted phasing effects). If the fundamental frequencies of the two oscillators vary greatly, then the MINO’s waveforms will start to lose shape, and sharp-sounding harmonics are introduced.

Precise 1v/oct tracking adjustments are made from the front panel via a small jewelers screwdriver. If undertracking, turn right. If overtracking, turn left.



  • Eurorack 10hp
  • Triangle Oscillator Core
  • 25mA @ +12V
  • 25mA @ -12V


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