Dopes is a versatile dual envelope generator. A trigger/gate to the top TRIG input will activate both EGs simultaneously. By plugging another gate/trigger into the bottom TRIG input, this internal connection is broken and the EGs function totally separately. Three-position toggle switches set the envelope speed range: fast, medium, or slow.

The MIX output is a unique feature. The top EG output is mixed through at 100% amplitude, and the bottom EG output is lowered to 30% amplitude. This allows for a couple EG shapes to be achieved beyond the usual sharkfin shape.

Variations of Figure 1 are easily achieved when the top EG has a quick decay, and the bottom EG has a longer decay setting. Something like Figure 2, in which their is a second attack bump in the shape, is created when the top EG has a relatively quicker decay setting, and the bottom EG has a slow attack setting. Or when the envelopes are triggered at staggered intervals.



  • Eurorack 8hp
  • Minimum Attack & decay speeds about 2mS
  • Maximum Attack Length 7 seconds
  • Maximum Decay Length 20 seconds
  • TRIG inputs activated by any hard edge waveform >1V
  • Envelope Amplitude 8V (quick attack peaks ~10V)
  • 20mA @ +12V
  • 13mA @ -12V
  • Depth ~ 23mm


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