This module takes two incoming signals (audio or CV) and mixes them at a 50/50 ratio. A positive signal at the CV input will make the “up” input louder and the “dwn” input quieter. A negative signal at the CV input will have the opposite effect. A +/-2.5V CV signal (standard LFO range) will fade between 0/100 and 100/0.

At it’s heart, this module is two separate linear response VCAs controlled inversely by a single CV input. In the absence of a second input signal, the module serves as a simple VCA.



  • eurorack 4hp
  • reverse voltage protected
  • 15mA @ +12V
  • 15mA @ -12V
  • skiff friendly
  • DC coupled inputs
  • CV signals outside the range of +/-2.5V do not result in clipping or above unity gain


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