2xVCA rev2

Dual linear response analog VCA module. The top VCA has two identical CV inputs, The bottom has a CV input and an inverted CV input. These inputs are sensitive such that 5V (likewise +/-2.5 or -5V) is enough to fully open or close the VCA. Dedicated attenuators for CV1 inputs.

REV 2 Updates:
A few updates have been made in the rev 2 version of the 2xVCA. The bottom VCA IN is switch-jack connected to the top IN. With nothing plugged in, the raw signal from the top input is automatically routed to the bottom VCA. Other updates include better protection from stray high frequencies signals (from radio towers, phones, etc). And theoretically lower noise performance.


  • Eurorack 8hp
  • reverse voltage protected
  • DC coupled signal path (for use with CV or audio)
  • 22mA @ +12V
  • 22mA @ -12V
  • depth: 22mm


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