BTDR-2H Reverb

Pleasant sounding digital reverb module based on the BTDR-2H Belton “brick”. There are three types of bricks to choose from: short, medium, and long reverb length. All types should be available at either small bear or mammoth, and choosing which is just a matter of preference.

The depth control adds the desired amount of reverberated signal to the unaltered dry signal. The feedback control sends the reverberated signal back into the input for a more linger-y tone. Feedback will readily self oscillate when cranked (it sounds sweet).

One cool thing about the BTDR-2H chip is that the reverb is internally modulated by what sounds like a 1Hz sine wave (there’s no published info on this feature so that’s just my best guess). This fixed feature adds nice character to the reverb as a whole and sounds especially cool when the module is in full self oscillating feedback.


parts list



  • eurorack 8hp
  • skiff friendly
  • 60mA @ +12V
  • 10mA @ -12V